Tension Island

Tension Island
Country of Origin United States
Genre Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
Television channel JuneNetwork/ Teletoon
First Premiered JuneNetwork : June 5, 2008 Teletoon: June 12, 2008
Teams Racing Turtles

Fighting Lions

Created by Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
Developed by JuneCartoons./JuneNetwork
Directed by Todd Kauffman
Mark Thornton
Succeeded by Tension Action

Total Drama Island is the first season of the Tension series. Tension Island premiered on June 5, 2008. Tension Island is a show that is similar to Survivor, taking place at Camp Tusokio in Orlando, Florida.

Overview Edit

This season involves twenty-two teenage contestants who signed up for a reality show on an island known as "Camp Tusokio " or "Tension Island." The teens were originally under the impression that they were going to be on a show called "Fame And Drama," where they live in a luxurious mansion and "play guitars and have a great time." According to Freddy, to be on the show, you had to be at least sixteen years old and "kooky, obnoxious, stuck-up, dense, loud, annoying, filthy, or anywhere remotely in between." The twenty-two teens chosen were divided into two separate teams, the Racing Turtles and the Fighting Lions . The two teams were given challenges every three days which they had to compete in. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the losing contestant would have to walk the Dock Of Losers and board the Boat of Losers, which would then take them away. This process continued until only two people were left to compete in a final challenge where the last contestant standing wins $100,000 in prize money.

Contestants Edit

List Of Tension Series Contestants

Participant Team Status Placing Merged Team
Chris Fighting Lions 1st Voted Out
in Crazy Campers - Part 2
22th Place Non-Merged
Sally Fighting Lions 2nd Voted Out
in Not So Drama Free
21st Place
Michael Racing Turtles 3rd Voted Out
in Dig Dirt
20st Place
Henry Fighting Lion 4th Voted Out
in Shh It's The Quiet Game
19st Place
Lindsey Racing Turtles 5th Voted Out
in Dare Factory
18th Place
Blake Fighting Lions 6th Voted Out
in The Big JUMP
17th Place
Danny Fighting Lions 7th Voted Out
in Race Me Chase Me
16th Place
Lilo Racing Turtles 8th Voted Out
in Fear My Phobia
15th Place
Jason Racing Turtles 9th Voted Out
in How To Train Losers
14th Place
Sarah Racing Turtles 10th Voted Out
in Build a Scene
13th Place
Jake Fighting Lions 11th Voted Out
in The Wheel Of Danger
12th Place Merged
Donna Fighting Lions 12th Voted Out
in Cooking Gone Nasty
11th Place
Drake Racing Turtles 12th Voted Out
in Man Hunted
10th Place
Elizabeth Fighting Lions 13th Eliminated
in Camp Bikes
9th Place
Macy Killer Bass 14th Eliminated
in Scary Movies
8th Place
Haley Fighting Lions 15th Voted Out
in Find Yourself in Animals
7th Place
Allen Racing Turtles 16th Voted Out
in Swim or Sink
6th Place
Alana Fighting Lions 17th Voted Out
in Haunt a Camp
5th Place
Dylan Racing Turtles 21st Voted Out
in Pirate Island
4th Place
Kate Racing Turtles 22nd Eliminated
in The Mystery Of Old Camp Mates
3rd Place
Jen Racing Turtles Runner-Up in Finally The Last Episode
Terrance Racing Turtles Winner in Finally The Last Episode
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