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She Said Magic

Format Teen sitcom
Created by Vivian Doser
Directed by Rob Lotterstein
Produced by Randy Unerwood
Opening by "Believe In Magic"


Starring Lalaine
Cody Linley
Nat Wolff
Lindsey Shaw
Maiara Walsh
Olivia Olson
Chelsea Fischer
Caroline Rhea
Robert Torti
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 90 (List of Episodes)
Original channel JuneNetwork
Original run November 9, 2007 – present
Status Current (Currently airing: season 4)
Production company It's a Laugh Productions


The main characters of She Said Magic are:

  • Lalanie as Christy Brown Is the main protagonist of the TV series. She likes to used her magic for selfish reasons like pranks. She is very lazy and hates doing school work. She is also described as sort of a tomboy. She had many love interest but only one of them has a similar personality as her. She is also smart but isn't hardworking so she isn't credited as being smart.
  • Cody Linley as Jake Brown Is the oldest of the Brown. He is also the smartest of them. He is described as brainy, uptight, and goofy. He likes to be the boss of Christy and Jackson. He has a little trouble with girls but a lot of them likes him including Emily and Nikki.
  • Nat Wolff as Jackson Brown Is the youngest Brown. He comes off as being not bright. He has the hardest time with spells and likes to play pranks on Jake with Christy. He turns into a little girl is season 4 episode "Jackson To Jacky"
  • Lindsey Shaw as Maddie Till Is Christy's bestfrind. She has trouble with school and isn't bright. She is a girly girly and really love fashion. She is boy crazy, which tends to get he into trouble.
  • Maiara Walsh as Emily Marson (Season 1-2) Is Christy's old other bestfriend. She is very optimistic and plans to be on broadway. She is always the second in command in the school plays (which Maxie is always the lead). She is living the dream by going to a preforming arts school in LA. She also has a crush on Jake.
  • Olivia Olson as Nikki Wells (Season 3-4) Is Christy's new other bestfriend. She moves all the way from Chicago. She likes to design clothes which other people really think are cool including Christy. She has a crush on Jake until she starts dating his best friend Milo
  • Chelsea Fischer as Maxie Lucus Is the school popular girl. She is Christy and her friends worst enemy. She is always trying to out beat Christy. In season 2 she is revealed as a wizards but Christy and the girls don't find out until season 3 and their rivalry ends.
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