Shape Heroes
Also known as Shapes
Format Animated series
Voices of
Country of origin United States

France Canada

No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes
Producer(s) Moonscoop (season 1-present)

Andy Heyward (season 2-present) Michael Hirsh (season 2-present) Toper Taylor (season 2-present)

Running time 24-25 minutes, approx.
Productioncompany(s) Moonscoop (season 1-present)

Cookie Jar Entertainment(season 2-present) American Greetings

Distributor 20th Century Fox
Original channel JuneNetwork
Original airing September 9, 2005-December 4, 2009
Status movie coming soon



  • Starfine Shiningberg (voiced by Jason Earles ) is a star shape. He is the leader of the group and thinks that the owns them. He has a crush on Heartie and starts dating her on "Shapes Get Real".
  • Floarona Beeson (voiced by Tara Stong ) is a flower shape. She is a perky girl that likes to make every sitiuation. She is also on the school cheerleading squad but she is a nice cheerleader not a mean one.
  • Reclo Longson (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) is a rectangle shape. He is the sporty one of the group. He is also on the football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis team.
  • Trilly Trigerald (voiced by John DiMaggio ) is a triangle shape. Every show has to have someone dumb well this is your guy. He is funny and wants to be a comedian.
  • Circleia Rollins (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is a circle shape. She is the cool one of the group. She is a fashion lover and always has time for a disco nap. She says "giiiirrrrrlll" a lot in the series.
  • Heartie McLove (voiced by Janice Kawaye ) is a heart shape. She the brains of the group. Her favorite sunject is science and she has a crush on Sharfine.
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