Schneider's Bakery Productions, Inc. is a spin-off company from Tollin/Robbins Productions . It is a company that was founded by Dan Schneider , who also serves as the president.

The company's production logo features a green and white oven which opens up revealing the company name in a 1950s-style font and in orange with the "Y" extending with a filmstrip on the end followed by Dan Schneider's own voice-over saying "MMM!" The oven is similar to the one on the set of iCarly. Since the iCarly episode "iMake Sam Girlier," the first episode to use DanWarp technology, DANWARP is included at the end filmstrip. It is used for Schneider's Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, and accounts, giving updates on his productions.

Series produced under the Schneider's Bakery banner are noted for using the same stable of writers on all series, something that is atypical for scripted television series and especially sitcoms that are created by the same writer; staff writers working for most of Schneider's series include Andrew Hill Newman, George Doty IV and Jake Farrow among others. Directors Steve Hoefer and Russ Reinsel also work for the company directing many episodes under the company banner. Musicians Backhouse Mike and C.J Abraham are largely responsible for the music on the shows.


Shows Edit

Show Years Aired Years in Production # of episodes Produced Status Logo
Space School 2007–2010 2006–2011 65 Ended Yes
GoAshley 2008–present 2008–present 63 Returning Series Yes
Remember December 2009-present 2009-present 41 Returning Series Yes
Just Justin 2009–present 2009–present 20 Returning Series Yes
Spy Kids 2010–present 2009–present 28 Returning Series Yes
Cooking With Flair 2011–present 2011–present 3 Upcoming Yes