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Ryder's Block

Format Teen sitcom
Created by Dan Singer
Directed by Dan Singer
Produced by Randy Unerwood
Opening by "Acceptable"

Madison Pettis

Starring Zachary Gordon
Madison Pettis
Nathan Gamble
Madeline Carroll
Anna Margaret
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 18 (ordered)
Original channel JuneNetwork
Original airing May 6, 2011 (as a sneak preview)
Status In production
Production company It's a Laugh Productions

Ryder's Block

Ryder's Block is an American television pilot that is in production for the JuneNetwork in the United States. Written and directed by Dan Singer. Ryder's Block will begin production for the pilot episode in January 2011.


Ryder's Block is a single-camera comedy set at James K. Polk High School, when a boy named Ryder is put in an advaced placement program where middle school kids get the change to skip up some grades to be in high school because of their talents and he writes a blog about his days being in the program for similar people to take advice of.


Casting for the pilot has been completed . Young teens ages 11 to 15 years old were chosen to portray the fivemain characters. Filming for the pilot will begin in late November in Los Angeles .

List Of Ryder's Block Episodes


Main charactersEdit

  • Ryder Jegitstopper, an rebellious boy that stand up for what he belives in. He is a fiercely independent, witty socialite and a natural blogger that was ment to be heard. His talent is art work. (played by Zachary Gordon ).
  • Kristen Frenchester, a future-chic fashionista who found stardom. Initially shy, she has morphed into a self-entitled celebrity who will do anything to get what she wants. Her talent is musician (played by Madison Pettis)
  • Kendall Archman, a confident, laid-back athletics expert with more intelligence then he lets on. He's masculine and athletic in well every sport. His talent is smarts (played by Nathan Gamble ).
  • Chole Florez, a know-it-all perfectionist who is president of the drama club, student concil the school mean girl, and captain of the cheerleading squad. With her sights on Broadway, Chole will do anything to get his way.(played by Madeline Carroll )
  • Jessica Jegitstopper, the older sister of Ryder. She is popular and also on the cheerleading squad with her with Chole. (played by Anna Margaret )

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Daisy Wilde, she is the bestfriend of Chole. She isn't that bright and is often hit with things. She is also on the cheerleading squad. (played by Emma Lockhart )
  • Jeffery "Radio" Rickoff, a boy that is funny and always joking around. He is never serious unless he has to be. His talent is computer skills (played by Tucker Albrizzi )
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