Ryder's Block
Series Ryder's Block
Country of origin USA
Network JuneNetwork, JuneTeen
Original run May 6, 2011 – TBA
No. of episodes TBA
Previous season 1
Next season 2

This is a list of episodes for the JuneNetwork original series Ryder's Block

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 18 June 17, 2011 TBA

Season 1: 2011Edit

Episode title Original air date Prod.
1 1 "Aw sNAPS Here They Come " May 6, 2011 101
Ryder (Zachary Gordon) starts a blog about his days in a new program called Natrual Achievements Program (N.A.P.) He starts his first day and meet some new friends. The high school kids don't want the N.A.P. there including Ryder's sister Jessica (Anna Margaret) . When Ryder and his friends hear about a party the decide to go. They show of their talents Ryder's being an artist, Kristen's (Madison Pettis) being music and Kendall's (Nathan Gamble). Chole (Madeline Carroll) finds Kristen as a threat so she could see how talented she is she ask her a bunch of question with lead to her song a song with makes the students at the school give the N.A.P. kids more respect except Chole.

Guest stars:: Emma Lockhart as Daisy and Tucker Albrizzi as Radio

2 1 "HaNAPer " June 17, 2011 102
Ryder wants to become more involved so he jions the newspaper club. Kristen wants to be on the cheerleading squad.
3 1 "KidNAPped " June 24, 2011 103