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Going Lexi

Format Teen sitcom
Created by Susan Sherman
Directed by Rob Lotterstein
Produced by Susan Sherman
Opening by "Belong Here"

Danielle Campbell

Starring Danielle Campbell
Spencer Locke
Andy Pessoa
Kelsey Chow
Hutch Dano
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 17 (List of Episodes)
Original channel JuneNetwork
Original run December 5, 2009- Present
Status Currently Airing
Production company It's a Laugh Productions



Main charactersEdit

  • Alexis "Lexi" James (played by Danielle Campbell) Lexi is a movie star who wants to be normal but things always don't go her way. She goes to a private school with her friends but sometimes being a movie star can get her into sticky situations. Lexi is a happy, bubbly person. She is also smart but is bad at sports.
  • Darcy Logan (played by Spencer Locke) Darcy in a eager fun loving girl that is into fashion. She always asks Lexi about the Hollywood stars. She is good at sports and is a bit of tomboy but with a taste of flair.
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